Freedoms Edge Brewing is our featured venue, and will feature local artist Muriah Kilmer Hunt for the First Friday Artwalk on April 5th and throughout April!

Jackalopes and LEGO: A Craft Hopping Artistic Adventure
Born and raised in the wild expanse of Wyoming, where the mountains stretch high and the jackalopes roam free, Muriah is a creative force fueled by equal parts ADHD and an insatiable thirst for artistic exploration. Hailing from a land where the wind whispers secrets and the skies paint themselves in endless hues, Muriah has always embraced the chaos of her own mind navigating the world of art like a whimsical tornado, leaving a trail of color and creativity in her wake.

Muriah thrives in the eclectic dance of craft hopping. From painting to macramé, cross-stitch to wood-burning, lino-printing to Lego building + everything in between, her hands are constantly creating, always chasing the next spark of inspiration. It’s not just the tangible world that captures Muriah’s imagination. She finds solace in the pages of Harry Potter or trekking through Vedauwoo and other not so Forbidden Forests in search of all things magical + mythical so there’s no convincing her jackalopes aren’t real. 

Combining her love of Lego + lino printing Muriah transforms paint + tiny plastic bricks into PRINTED realms and whimsical characters. With every snap and click, she bridges the gap between childhood nostalgia and artistic expression, infusing her creations with a sense of wonder and magic that transcends mere plastic and paint. Each creation is a testament to her boundless imagination and playful spirit. LEGO isn’t just a medium—it’s a portal to a world where creativity knows no bounds, and every brick holds the potential for a new adventure.

So come, wanderer, and join Muriah on this whimsical journey through art and imagination. Embrace the chaos, revel in the absurd, and let yourself be swept away by the playful spirit of a true artistic adventurer