Freedom’s Edge Brewing will showcase the creativity of Laramie artist Evan Levi for the May 6th First Friday Artwalk.  From Evan’s bio:

My name is Evan and I was actually born here in Cheyenne back in 1987. As a matter of speaking, even though I have lived my whole life over the hill in Laramie, I consider home just about anywhere in Southeast Wyoming. I think if you were to ask any Wyomingite, they would admit even though they hail from a certain town or city, many of their formative moments took place on one of our many two-lane highways or dirt backroads. Outside of the memories made in the middle of nowhere, for several years I was the delivery driver for my father’s business, Van’s Wholesale. I drove Albany, Carbon, Laramie, Goshen and Platte counties’ two lane highways weekly, delivering everything from toilet paper to Bloody Mary mix over the course of literal thousands of miles. I was in my teens and twenties then and learned a lot about Wyoming’s colorful countryside and characters. The unique and diverse terrain that makes up this beautiful state is reflected in it’s culture, where we are all just trying to stand tall against the wind. These mixed media works of art are my way of capturing the feeling of these experiences and how they shaped who I am today and who I aim to be moving forward. Thanks, again. You can find me and the most up to date information about my practice with paint at @loupblanccreative on Instagram.