Blue Door Arts will be featuring Wyoming artist Tim Haley for the June 2nd First Friday Artwalk.  Tim will also be featured in July . . the show entitled “Visual Musings on the World We’ve Cooked Up.”  From Tim’s show description:

Each of the images in this exhibit are reflections of happenings during recent years in the world as we know it.  Personally, I have filed them all in the folder labels “How Does This Happen?”  For example, how does it happen that one in eight children in Wyoming suffer from food insecurity?  How does it happen the an unarmed man in Ohio is shot 60 times by eight police officers?  The images I have come up with are a result of my efforts to help me better understand such occurrences.  One of the benefits of practicing art can be education.  In one way or another, a person practicing art stands a very good chance of learning something new with each and every piece they create.