Blue Raven Brewery will feature the creations of local artist Kristy Johnson for the February 3rd First Friday Artwalk.     Here’s information about Kristy from her artist bio:

Kristy Johnson grew up in a small town outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From an early age she found a fascination with organizing and reorganizing her markers, colored pencils and crayons in different combinations and spent hours drawing and coloring with all these materials. She loved to look at all her favorite illustrated picture books as well and would often recreate the art from her favorite pages.  After a few years of pursuing a Biology degree while on a track and field scholarship at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee she began her studies in Art Education graduating with her degree in 2005.

After graduating as a newlywed she moved with her husband to Cheyenne, Wyoming where she taught for two years at the Junior High and High School levels. By the end of the 2008 school year Kristy chose to stay home full-time to raise her children. The Paramount Cafe was the site of Kristy’s reentry into the Cheyenne art scene where she had her first show in 2016. Another opportunity arose for her to make 4 illustrations for a friend doing the set design for a performance of Peter Pan at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse where she then donated the sales from the original artworks to a Children’s summer program run by the playhouse. With the help of a fellow artist friend she was able to showcase her art in a local souvenir store for a few years before they closed their Cheyenne location. Kristy takes on commissions and continues to explore the arts while keeping her title as homemaker for her growing (in size, not numbers) family.