Art@the Hynds will be showcasing their three resident artists, along with a special guest artist for the June 2nd Artwalk.
Alex McKinney started drawing as soon as they could pick up a pencil and has been sketching people since 2012.  Alex aspired to do portrait work of famous people and everyday people to show how connected we are through the knowledge of one another and creating bonds through art.  Alex hopes to create coloring books one day and continue do portrait work as a hobby.
Here’s information about their resident artists:
Denise Patton
Denise Patton’s current work includes painting one of the Cheyenne Big Boots, honoring the Wyoming Air National Guard. Her experience as a fine artist, gallery owner, designer, theater set and exhibit production artist, opens up a world of materials and techniques for artistic expression. Her art work is in public and private collections. She enjoys meeting people and having great conversations about art and creative life at Art@theHynds.
Val Martin
Val Martin is the face of Emma’s Old Time Photos. She creates sets, props, & costumes when needed, and her studio reflects her love of history. She calls herself a Funtographer, and enjoys helping customers create the memory they Had to Be There For.
Morgan Martin
Morgan Martin shares her passion for photography at The Heritage Creative, and is particularly interested in microphotogaphy.  She is teaching herself to use additional mediums in her studio. As a school teacher, Morgan treasures & tries to make the most of her rare moments in the gallery.