Georgia Rowswell’s Studio at Blue Door Arts will be open from 5-8pm on August 13th and feature Georgia’s latest work.  This is information about her latest creations:

“I grew up in Buffalo NY, moved to the South in my forty’s and finally landed in Wyoming eleven years ago.  Every move has influenced my art and choice of art making materials.  While living in Georgia, I became interested in a fascinating grass…bamboo.  Walking through bamboo groves is like being in a living wind chime with the rustle of leaves and the clanking of culms. Bamboo boosts hundreds of species with different colors and patterning. The rate of growth is astounding.  A truly renewal resource used by many cultures for shelter and food. The South’s bounty of amazing plants also became my fiber source for paper making and vines for my paper mache pieces.”

The Studio will also welcome Emma’s Old Time Photos to her space and to the Artwalk. Emma’s provides costumes, props, and a good time!  Emma’s main set is a reproduction of the Capitol Saloon, Proprietor: Harry P. Hynds, and can easily create other sets, i.e. Victorian.  With a variety of styles and sizes, Emma’s is also pet friendly.  Photos are printed onsite.