Colorado clay artist Georgiana Hintz is the Cheyenne Artist Guilds’ featured artist for the June Artwalk.  From her artist bio:

I grew up in Colorado and always loved the mountains and wildlife. When I left home and moved to Aspen, there I was a guide and took men fishing and hunting on horseback and my love of the mountains, wildlife and nature grew even stronger. I finally started “shooting” all that I loved with a camera and put my photography on cards. Then my husband and I moved to Alaska where all the world class photographers are so I decided to put all the things I was “shooting” on my pottery. I had mountains, Moose, Griz, Dall Sheep on my pots and then started collecting real hooves and feet and made stamps out of clay from the prints . . . bull moose, cow moose, wolf and griz, which I press into pots. I also press leaves and alder cones, pine cones and grasses into my pots, really anything that’s wild that I find outside. I made molds from real fish, a 29” silver salmon, a 28” pink “humpy” salmon. a 30” halibut and a “19 inch rainbow, which now make beautiful fish platters. Every week in the summer I had a show somewhere and 5 big shows in the fall. The biggest seller was called Denali Moon.

I Love clay and being able to express the wild side of nature on my pots.